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3 decades of experience in drug-discovery/development


JASIN Discovery Solutions, Inc. offers consulting services in all areas of chemistry especially in the area of discovery and optimization of lead molecules with desired physicochemical and biological properties leading to selection of a development candidate through out-of-the-box insight, methods and approach.



Our Services
Working with you to provide you solutions

  • Lead Identification -Lead Optimization
    Structure-activity and structure-property relationship (SPR) analyses.
  • Lead Development
    Expedited identification of key analogs for proof-of-concept studies
  • Pre-clinical Services
    Routine and/or GLP bioanalytical services. Provide solutions/strategies for identification of toxicology formulations
  • Project Management
    Coordinate timely and cost effective synthesis of key compounds to support lead expansion and efficacy (in-vivo) studies.

Why Jasin
Experienced industry professionals


By working with JASIN, you are gaining the expertise of experienced industry professionals, saving the frustrations involved with dealing with establishing necessary key resources and related costs, and avoiding delays in accomplishing project deliverables.

JASIN offers solutions and helps you obtain cost-effective, timely, high quality data and results while accommodating your budget and timelines, reliably and transparently.


Recent Publications

» Design of phosphodiesterase 4D (PDE4D) allosteric modulators for enhancing cognition with improved safety.

» A Three Dimensional Pharmacophore Model for Human EP3 Antagonists.

» EP3 receptor antagonists: improving safety in the antiplatelet therapy field.

Chirality and Biological Activity.


Zing Medicinal Chemistry Conference
February 2012

Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting
November 13-17, 2010

14th Annual International Spinal Muscular Atrophy Research Group Meeting
June 23-26, 2010

Our Process

your vision, your project goals, expected timelines...
the competitive landscape, review available data, conduct analyses...
devise and build a project plan, set stages, interim milestones...
Plan and Implementation
review proposed solutions and plans with client, consult on next steps...

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